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2nd LD General Meeting

October 4, 2022 7:00p.m.

 Via Zoom Conference


In attendance:   Dave Little (DL), Chairman

              Leeroy Perkins (LP), State Committee Person

             Yanah Cook (YC), State Committee Person

                            Jan Zahir (JZ), Secretary

                                Liz Larter (LL) Team Strickland

                                Jeff Zahir (JE), Member

                                Yolanda Markle (YM) Vice Chair

                                Tim Kerfoot (TK), PCO                   

                                John Linboe (JL) SPFR Member  

                                Debbie Vinyard (DV) Member

                                Laura Crews (LC) PCO

                                Bob Akervick (BA) Treasurer

                                Susan Gordon (SG) Member

                                Carolyn Barclift (CB) Indivisible

                                Conor Hicks (CH) Member

                                Phyllis Farrell (PF) Dem

                                Jake Pool (JP) Member

                                Jordan McElroy (JM) Marilyn Strickland campaign

                                Marilyn Strickland (MS) Congressperson                


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

We recited the pledge of allegiance.

YC honored the Nisqually native lands.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

All new participants were asked to Introduce themselves.

Marilyn Strickland spoke of Congress’ accomplishments under President Joe Biden.  The Inflation Reduction Act and the Chips Manufacturing Act were both passed this summer.  Several other important bills and initiatives were outlined as well which underscored the importance of this year’s mid-term elections.  Ms. Strickland then opened the floor for questions.

if you simply have a question or comment for Congresswoman Strickland's re-elect campaign- please email or  You can email also to request campaign signs.

Carolyn Barclift from Indivisible gave us a presentation called Build Back Better.  The report included various polls, information for Jan.6th watch event on September 28, MAGA activities, MoveOn’s Strategy to Win In 2022, info about Inflationary Times, Student Debt Cancellation, Protecting our Freedom Toolkit, Election Issues, Digital Toolkit, DemCast Toolkit, ACLU, Indivisible Truth Brigade Toolkits, the Inflation Reduction Act, Effective Messaging, Event Ideas and much more. Access this information at the following websites-

The Path To Democratic Victory in 2022


TK LC and YM debriefed the group on the recent debates between candidates Perez and Kent.  He advised us that There will be another debate on Oct. 15th hosted by the League of Women Voters. Tim Kerfoot at 913-579-3949 for more information.

YC discussed NAACP membership of LD2 leadership. Their website is Contact YC at or 360-76-8838

SG spoke about the state legislature setting a target of opening a new airport within 100 miles of Seattle and the adverse effects on the communities involved.

JZ said It might be worth writing the EPA to see if this airport idea could qualify for a NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) environmental impact statement.  That would end-run the county EIS.

YC reminded us of the need for sign wavers on October 9th at 2-4pm, on the corner of 176th and Canyon Rd in Frederickson.

YM spoke on the depletion of the aquifer in Pierce County and wetland loss in our area. She also reported on the State Democrat Convention that she attended.

BA gave the Treasurer’s report as follows: $5103 in the operations account, $398. in the events account. There is a check for $100. for the Schrier campaign that is outstanding.

YC also mentioned that LP will be stepping down as state committee person and the need to train someone to replace him before January.

LP reminded us that we will have a reorganization meeting in December. We may need to vote on electing some new board members at that meeting.

DL told us that there will be an Indivisible Olympia meeting Oct. 6 at 7pm: What’s Next for Reproductive Justice?

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

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