2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

December 3, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Graham Fire Station, 20314 70th Avenue E., Graham, WA



Prior to the start of the meeting, the group enjoyed a pot-luck dinner and social time.  The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman David Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Guests of the meeting included Kathy Orlando (KO), Chair of the Pierce County Democrats.



Motion was made, seconded, and carried to accept the agenda.



Minutes of the November 5, 2019 general meeting were reviewed and a Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes.



DL explained that we need volunteers to help with the 2nd LD Caucus to be held Sunday, April 26th.  Our first planning meeting will be on January 15th at 6:00 p.m. at the Bethel Learning Center.  DL passed out a sheet for volunteers to sign up.



DL reported we will have our first planning meeting on January 11th at the Parkland Library for our 2020 Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt Fundraiser event.  We have secured the date of Saturday, September 12th for the event and DL circulated a sign-up sheet for volunteers.



YC reported that the next meeting for her campaign committee will be held on December 8 at Jeanne Archie’s house from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.



DL delivered an end-of-year address to the group with the message that 2020 will be “Harvest Time” for our country.  He likened our democracy to a garden that needs constant tending, cultivating and watching over to ensure its sustainability and growth.  The 2020 election outcome will be the “harvesting” of our effort; therefore, it is important for all of us to commit to working hard for the right outcome.



KO noted the many vacancies of PCOs in Pierce County.  She asked for “all hands on deck” to sign up to be a PCO or to “adopt” a precinct in an effort to find PCOs to fill some of these vacancies.  This is how we can turn Pierce County blue from the ground up!


Our next meeting will be held January 7, 2020.  Our guest will be a public information officer from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office to discuss their policing program and operation of the Office.  We will put together a list of questions we would like answered and provide the Office with that list prior to the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 8:38 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary


2nd LD E-Board Meeting

November 26, 2019     6:30 p.m.

Tim Kerfoot’s House, 17530  120th St. SE, Yelm, WA


In attendance:  Dave Little (DL), Chairman

                                Robert (Bob) Moody (RM), Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA), 2nd Vice Chair

                                Bob Akervick (BA), Treasurer

Leeroy Perkins (LP), State Committeeman

                                Yanah Cook (YC), State Committeewoman

                                Theresa Stauch (TS), Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by DL.


Adopt Agenda 

Motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the Agenda.


Approve Minutes

Motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the October 22 E-Board meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

BA reported that all expenses have been paid from the fundraiser and money distributed to the 29th LD.  Our bank balance is $4,608.06.


DL suggested that we convene a meeting for a budget discussion and planning meeting early in December.



LP reported that he delivered payment to PLU and met with Samantha Graham to discuss next year’s event.  A date was set for September 12 – Saturday.  We will send out a “Save the Date” announcement to LD members and begin preliminary planning meetings in January.  Our first meeting will be on January 11 with the 29th LD at 11:00.  LP will schedule and send out invitations.


Campaign Update

YC reported she is learning much about her district and the County Council.  Frederickson seems to be the economic engine of her district and the county is committed to a Centers and Corridors Project – focusing attention on main corridors and not devoting many resources to infrastructure, parks, etc. outside the main corridors.  This is something that will be part of YC’s platform.


Preparation for January General Meeting

DL discussed having the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department attend our meeting to discuss race relations in the County.  We would need to pull together a set of questions we want answered and deliver to them in advance of the meeting.  The Board agreed we would like to do this in January.





Planning for April Caucus

DL reported we have a venue set for our Caucus and he has produced a timeline, key roles list, and budget for the caucus which the Board reviewed.  DL will upload these documents to Google Docs.  It was also suggested that we prepare a list of the PCO positions in the 2nd LD that are unfilled.  We set a meeting date of Wednesday, January 15 at 6:00 at the Bethel  Learning Center to begin preparations for the Caucus.


Endorsement Committee

RM reported no new requests for endorsements have been received and there are no new initiatives to report on.  He also reported the committee has not produced the judicial questionnaire yet.  He will contact Cinnamon Brown to see if she is going to participate.



JA reported that voting turnout for Pierce County was 39%.  She is going to learn how the NAACP gets out the vote and see if we can apply their outreach methods to the 2nd LD.  JA is looking into joining the Graham Business Association, the Frederickson Business Team, and the Mid-County Leadership Team to extend her outreach in the community.


Good of the Order

DL reported that YC will be stepping down from her position as 2nd LD lobbyist (because of her run for County Council), so we need someone to fill that role.  RM said he would think about it.


DL will contact Beth Doglio to speak with the 2nd LD on legislation in the works.


The Board then discussed our December general meeting and decided we would have a potluck and socialize – no meeting agenda.


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary


2nd LD E-Board Meeting

October 22, 2019     6:30 p.m.

Tim Kerfoot’s House, 17530  120th St. SE, Yelm, WA


In attendance:  Dave Little (DL), Chairman

                                Robert (Bob) Moody (RM), Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA), 2nd Vice Chair

                                Leeroy Perkins (LP), State Committeeman

                                Theresa Stauch (TS), Secretary

                                Yanah Cook (YC), State Committeewoman

Absent:                Bob Akervick (BA), Treasurer


The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by DL.


Adopt Agenda 

YC asked that we add Pierce County Council to the agenda.  Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the amended Agenda. 


Approve Minutes

Motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the September 24 E-Board meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

BA reported via e-mail that we have $774.27 in our operating account and are due a $500 refund for the initial investment in the PLU event.


We have $8,809.02 in the event account, with a pending deposit of $115, and pending bill from PLU of approximately $3,000.  Owed from this account is the initial investment for the PLU event of $812 to the 2nd and 29th LDs.


PLU Final Costs, Etc.

LP reported he is still trying to get the final billing from PLU.  We discussed the need to start planning right away for next year’s event, possibly having a night time gala to bring in more money. 


Preparation for GOTV

RM reported he attended the Pierce County LD Chairs meeting.  The 31st and the 2nd LDs are targeted for priority to get set up for “Get Out the Vote”.  The 26th LD is planning on hitting 10,000 doors and targeting the 18-35 year old age group.


The 2nd LD’s canvassing/phone banking event is scheduled for October 26 at the Graham Fire Station.  We all need to contact LD2 members to come help with this event.



RM reported there are no endorsement applications currently to consider.  The question was asked if we want to endorse certain initiatives or propositions on the ballot.  DL answered that we need to be approached from the sponsors of the initiatives/props in order to do that.  RM said that he could research and put out fact sheets to our members.


Pierce County Council

YC reported that Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive, is running for re-election in 2020.  We need to find a candidate to run against him.


YC reported that council meetings are held every Tuesday at 3:00 but that they do hold meetings in each district at 6:00 p.m. on a rotating schedule.



JA reported that voter registration is her focus for outreach right now.


Next meeting is November 26.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

October 1, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Bethel Learning Center, Spanaway, WA



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



Motion was made, seconded, and carried to accept the agenda.



Minutes of the July and September general meetings were reviewed and Motions were made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes.



DL asked everyone to introduce themselves and we welcomed one new member to our group.



DL reported that the Eboard discussed and approved the donation of $250 each to the two candidates that the 2nd LD has endorsed to date – Helen Wheatley, running for Port of Olympia, and Kristen Ang, running for Port of Tacoma Commissioner.  The Eboard recommends that the general membership approve these donations.  Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve a donation of $250 to Helen Wheatley and $250 to Kristin Ang.  DL will communicate this action to each candidate.



Yanah Cook (YC) reported on the success of the fundraiser held September 22.  A good number of people turned out for the event; the emcee kept the event very lively; the speakers were great, and the auction was a success.  We will begin planning earlier for our 2nd annual South Sound Dems fundraiser and try to partner with more LDs.



Bob Akervick (BA) reported we have $1,249 in our general account (prior to the $500 campaign donations voted on above).  We have as of today $7,240 in our Parks/Roosevelt Fundraiser Account and another $1,650 coming from Brown Paper.  We still have to pay the bills from PLU and other expenses related to the brunch and send 40% of the profit to the 29th LD.


BA has been in communication with the PDC regarding timing of reporting to them.  We have five days from the event to report.  However, this is not possible because we haven’t received all the money from the ticket sites and the bills have not been produced.  We have not heard back from the PDC but we will report as soon as possible after the account is reconciled.



DL has learned that the State Democratic Party has the ability to grant up to $5,000 to each LD for expenses associated with our caucuses next year.  The money cannot be used for general purposes.  DL has drafted a letter for specific requests and asked individuals to assist with the drafting of the letter.


Phyllis Farrell, PCO from Thurston County, suggested that one use of funds would be to invest in new technology to facilitate registration. 



YC reported on the status of her campaign.  They are in the process of producing campaign literature and signage.  A kick-off meet and greet was held on September 21 at Jeanne Archie’s house which was well attended.



YC reported on the WA State Committee meetings held in Yakima this past weekend.  The meetings were cut to 1 ½ days this time so they were not able to cover everything that was on the agenda.  One of the committees she is on is the Advocacy Committee.  This Committee determines which issues are of primary concern to the party and advances these issues in the form of resolutions to the Legislature.  Some of the issues include climate change, clean environment, capital gains tax on the wealthy, tax to replace loss of revenue because of the car tabs initiative, formation of a State Bank, and elimination of tax loopholes.  It was suggested that these priorities be posted to our website.  YC reported that the next meeting will be in January in Vancouver.


With regard to the 2020 caucuses, there will be a two-hour training on planning the caucuses.  The state will pay for the insurance cost for the LD.  We have set the date and secured our location for our caucus.


Gene Hart asked about certain PACs within the party endorsing candidates.  YC answered that she believes the party is trying to control this and DL stated that the party does not want to be seen as supporting any one candidate.  The Chairs of the LDs stood in support of the State Dems on this. 



Jeanne Archie (JA) reported she still hasn’t been able to connect with the Korean Women’s Group yet but she did make a new contact with Pierce College for voter registration purposes.  She picked up some NAACP membership forms for those wanting to join. 


JA also discussed the idea of “white privilege” and noted books on the subject:  “Dying of Whiteness” by Jonathan Metal and “Black Labor, White Wealth” by Claud Anderson.  The Netflix documentary entitled “Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea” also deals with the subject of trying to understand how being raised white formulates how we think about race.  We need to take action toward justice and equality instead of just talking about it.


Robert Moody (RM) reported we have one endorsement to vote on – Yanah Cook for Pierce County Council.  He also is proposing that we suspend the requirement that this endorsement be first submitted to the Eboard for approval for the following reasons:


  • Yanah has been a member of the 2nd LD for many years and is known by virtually all members of the 2nd LD

  • Yanah is a member of the Eboard

  • Yanah’s stand on many political issues is well documented

  • Yanah has submitted the Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire for review by the
    Endorsement Committee and received a high score and earned a strong endorsement recommendation

RM feels this action will not harm or compromise the endorsement process.Motion was made, seconded, and carried to suspend the requirement that the endorsement of Yanah Cook for Pierce County Council be first submitted to the Eboard for approval.


Motion was then made, seconded, and carried to endorse Yanah Cookfor the position of Pierce County Council Member District 3 by the 2nd LD Democrats.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd LD E-Board Meeting

September 24, 2019     6:30 p.m.

Tim Kerfoot’s House, 17530  120th St. SE, Yelm, WA


In attendance:  Dave Little (DL), Chairman

                                Robert (Bob) Moody (RM), Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA), 2nd Vice Chair

                                Leeroy Perkins (LP), State Committeeman

                                Theresa Stauch (TS), Secretary

                                Bob Akervick (BA), Treasurer

Absent:                Yanah Cook (YC), State Committeewoman

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by DL.


Adopt Agenda 

The Agenda was reviewed and approved. 


Approve Minutes

Minutes of the August E-Board meeting were not available for review.


Treasurer’s Report

BA reported we have $7,015 in our event account with another $1,450 at Brown Paper ticket site.  He is communicating with the PDC to get an exception to the five days to report rule.  It is not possible to have all the accounting complete as we haven’t received all the ticket money nor have we received any invoices from PLU and other vendors.


Post RP/ER Event Discussion

In discussing the success of the event, DL suggested that he send out an email to the committee and have them report on their ideas for improving the process.  We will then compile the comments into one document to work from on our next event.  We know that we need to start working on next year’s event now by selecting and booking the venue.


Donations to Endorsed Candidates

DL proposed to the Eboard that we donate $250 to each of the two candidates that the 2nd LD has endorsed – Helen Wheatley and Kristin Ang.  Motion was made, seconded, and carried that the 2nd LD Democrats donate $250 each to Helen Wheatley and Kristin Ang.  Further, the Eboard will recommend this proposal to the general meeting in October for approval.



RM reported the Committee received an endorsement application from Yanah Cook for Pierce County Council.  Since YC cannot “grade” her own application, DL will step into Yanah’s place on the Endorsement Committee for reviewing this application.


RM also noted that Cinnamon Brown is still listed as being on the Committee.  Since she no longer comes to our meetings, it was decided to remove her name from the Committee.


Quarterly State Committee Meeting

LP reported that he and Yanah will be attending the quarterly state committee meetings this weekend.



JA discussed her efforts to better understand “white privilege”.  She heads up a book club in which we are reading “Dying of Whiteness” by Jonathan Metal.  Other books on the subject include “Black Labor White Wealth” by Claud Anderson.  JA also watched a documentary on Netflix entitled “Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea”, which she thought was worth watching.  She will discuss these at our upcoming general meeting.


Next meeting is October 22.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

September 3, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Bethel Learning Center, , WA



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



After the addition of two speakers (Josh Collins and Michael Prince) to the agenda, Motion was made, seconded, and carried to accept the agenda.



Minutes of the August general meeting were reviewed and one correction was made in the Outreach section – change “She has met with the Korean Women’s Group…” to “She contacted the Korean Women’s Group…”.  Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as corrected.  Bob Akervick (BA) abstained from voting as he was not in attendance at the August meeting.



DL asked everyone to introduce themselves.   He then introduced Josh Collins (JC), candidate for House of Representatives from the 10th Congressional District.  He is opposing Rep. Denny Heck.  JC is running on a “Green New Deal” platform – he is currently a truck driver and he sees his industry contributing to climate-change with dirty fuel emissions.  Trucking companies are also investing in self-driving technology which would do away with his job.  He supports Medicare for all and he rejects any donations from corporations and lobbyists.  He supports the working class and wants to expand unions and see a giant labor movement in our country which advocates for workers.  He is for reinvesting federal dollars in clean energy and creating jobs in that industry.  JC outlined more of his platform and then took several questions from the group.



Yanah Cook (YC) reported that there will be a day of canvassing in Yelm on September 14 from 11:00 – 2:00 p.m.to support Helen Wheatley in her election bid for Olympia Port Commissioner.  Thurston County is sending representatives to help with this effort.



 YC reported that she announced her candidacy for Pierce County Council on August 19 for the seat currently held by Jim McCune.  She is formally announcing this candidacy to the 2nd LD tonight.  She will be running against Amy Cruver, Republican.  There will be an open house “meet and greet” on September 21 at Skysong in Graham and we are all invited to attend.



Leeroy Perkins (LP) reported that we have to give PLU a final count on attendees by September 13.  The Planning Committee has begun meeting weekly and our next meeting is this Saturday at 11:00.  We are still seeking auction items and need to get ticket sales up.




LP reported that planning has begun for holding our LD Caucus in 2020.  The date has been set for Sunday, April 26 and we have secured a location.  We will elect delegates from the 2nd LD to attend the county convention.



YC reported that our booth at the fair drew many democrats to stop by and let us know they were happy to see the Democratic booth at the fair.  Many great conversations and expressions of support were received.  We also received an anonymous donation from one supporter for $200.



DL next introduced Mike Pellicciotti (MP), who is running for State Treasurer.  He began his public service career in 2005 as a King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and later was Assistant Attorney General.  Currently, he serves as a State Representative.  MP stated he has never accepted donations from corporations.  While serving in the legislature, he successfully introduced and passed into law legislation to get “dark money” out of politics, to increase penalties for corporate crime, and to require greater campaign transparency by PACs.  His priorities if elected will be to work for retirement security for Washingtonians, invest more tax dollars in Washington, and provide greater transparency and awareness of public investments and unclaimed property in our state.  MP took many questions from the group and thanked us for giving him time to speak.



LP and YC reported that there are just a few spots not filled for staffing the booth but we anticipate they will be filled.  YC added that our booth this year is much smaller than before and it is very crowded inside the booth.  Next year, she would like to see us have a larger booth.



Jeanne Archie (JA) reported she did attend the NAACP dinner and reported that it was a great event.  She would like to attend the monthly meetings on a somewhat regular basis to understand issues they are dealing with.  She made some contacts with people attending the dinner.


YC reported the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women in Pierce County holds monthly meetings via conference call and invited us to attend.  This organization promotes women in politics and focuses on issues of importance to women.



Michael Prince (MP), representative for Dr. Kim Schrier, announced three town halls to be held by Dr. Schrier:


September 7      10:00 – 11:00 a.m.           Bonney Lake, 9002 Main Street E.

                                12:00 – 1:00 p.m.             Orting Town Hall Safety Bldg., 401 Washington Ave SE

                                2:00 – 3:00 p.m.               Eatonville Visitor Center, 130 Mashell Ave N


DL also noted various LD Days of Action:

Sept 7                    LD 28                     Oct 5                      LD 2

Sept 14                 LD 25                     Oct 26                   Joint Action

Sept 21                 LD 26



BA reported we have $1,295 in our general account and $2,860 in our events account after expenses.


Robert Moody (RM) reported there have been no new applications for endorsement this month. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary


2nd LD E-Board Meeting

August 27, 2019  6:30PM

Tim Kerfoot’s Home  -  17530 120th SE  Yelm, WA



In attendance:  Dave Little (DL                   Chairman

                                Robert Moody (RM)        Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA)           2nd Vice Chair

                                Yanah Cook (YC)               State Committee Person

                                Leeroy Perkins (LP)          State Committee Person

Absent:                Theresa Stauch (TS)         Secretary

                                Bob Akervick (BA)            Treasurer



Adopt Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 6:25pm by DL.  The meeting agenda was reviewed and approved with motion from LP and 2nd from DL.


Approve Minutes

Minutes of the July meeting were reviewed and approved with some clarification.  YC asked that we note that we make the invite “plural” in that we want to include Young Democrats from both Pierce and Thurston counties.  After discussion and review of our bylaws, it was determined that this ask is not in accordance with our bylaws which would need to be revised to support.  DL directed a planning committee of YC and BA be organized to determine how to take action and then bring proposals including bylaw changes to the LD2  body for approval.  The minutes can now be posted onto our website with this additional clarification and action noted.


Treasurer Report

Regular Bank Account balance:  $1189.37

Events Bank Account balance:    $1017.55

RM/BA/LP/DL working on Thursday August 28th 2019 at 6:30pm to understand as a group how to best manage event dollars.  They make up the financial committee.  There are currently three sources of Event monies.  Brown paper tickets holds money until event date and then dispurses.  We worked with Stripe  system for a while and encounted problems with our EIN number which shut us down on ticket sales for four (4) days.  All of these issues will be addressed at this committee meeting and reported upon.


Financial accuracy is important for many reasons, but in recent years Glen Morgan and others like him drive us to even more fidelity as he and groups like him monitor every transaction looking for even small errors.  We want to ensure we have a robust system regardless, but these efforts drive us to strive for even stronger oversight.


Pierce County Fair

The Pierce County was very successful overall.  Many times people came to our booth with expressions of great relief and happiness to see the Democrats represented and so happy that “we were there”!  We received a $200 donation to apply towards our fundraising luncheon and we sent that generous donor a handwritten thank you card.  We also got six new voters registered and got satisfaction with so many folks coming by to talk to our team.  Much more activity than prior year in everyone’s opinion.


Additional note from LP regarding requirement to hold a Pierce County Caucus Sunday April 26th 2020 at 1PM.  For this he has secured Cougar Mountain Middle school.  Since it is on a Sunday, driven by the state, we have to pay a $245 janitorial fee.  Leeroy paid this fee to ensure we could secure the date and the board ratified LP decision to make this payment.  The purpose of the Pierce  County caucus is to elect delegates to the state convention and more will  be discussed at the group meeting.


PLU Fundraiser Speakers

YC will do individual emails to all speakers sharing what our vision is to help them with their respective presentations.

Confirmed are Tina Podladowski, April Sims, Hillary Frans, Erin Jones.  Two are now iffy; Melany Morgan and Bob Ferguson.  LP is following up on those two.  YC will also work with our confirmed speakers to make sure they know to arrive and be present for the reception timeframe.


JA took the action to send an invite to all current announced candidates.


LP attended the 29th LD meeting to thank them for their support and they provided their portion of the event deposit.  This is a successful working together effort!



No action to report



LP attended Denny Heck event at his office on the 3rd floor of City Hall in Lacy.  Some 20 people were present and they discussed all the bills under consideration and Denny Heck supported them all AND he support Impeachment of Donald Trump bringing to total 128 democrats that currently support Impeachment proceedings.


JA made initial contact with Korean Womens Association and waiting to hear back.  Goal is to attend one of their meetings and discuss voter registration changes this past year, bring them some voter registration forms in English and Korean and glean what issues are important to them and grow our network.  JA working voter registration table at the Yelm event on September 14th 2019.  JA attended the NAACP recognition dinner and made a contact to consider joining the Washington State Federation of Democratic Womens group; also joining the NAACP association and plan to attend their monthly meetings to work towards common goals and efforts.  YC also considering joining that organization and given the application form.

JA given the action to get our meetings posted regularly in local free publications such as, South Sound, Nisqually Valley News, The News Tribune; and figure out how this could be potentially automated.



Meeting Times and Locations

REMINDER to check our website for meeting times and locations as they are sometimes subject to changed based on venue availability


Meeting adjourned at 8:18PM.


Submitted by Jeanne Archie , 2nd Vice Chair and Secretary volunteer for meeting


2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

August 6, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Fire Station, 23014  70th Avenue E., Graham, WA



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



Motion was made and seconded to accept the agenda; the agenda was approved.



Minutes of the July general meeting were not available for approval. 



DL asked everyone to introduce themselves and he welcomed new members.   He then introduced Justin Camarata (JC), candidate for Tacoma Port Commissioner, Position 3.  JC spoke about his experience on the Tacoma City Council and his observations about how the Port was being run.  He feels there needs to be a change in how the Port does business and that there needs to be a new generation of leadership installed at the Port.  His view of current operations is that dirty fuel projects get expanded and regulations are being relaxed to allow this expansion.  He believes we can pursue environmentally sustainable and economically equitable projects for the Port and be known as an innovator in environmental stewardship.  JC talked of leveraging our talented local workforce and how he would work with the community and local unions to improve communication and transparency.  He took several questions from the group and left the meeting at 7:30 p.m.


DL next introduced Kathryn Lewandowsky (KL), a registered nurse, representing Whole Washington, a grassroots coalition of healthcare professionals, activists, and volunteers.Their belief is that healthcare is a human right and they are promoting single-payer, universal healthcare.She outlined the elements of a high-quality, comprehensive healthcare plan and changes recommended in the way we pay for healthcare.KL described their organization process, raising money to have a funding study done, and writing the ballot measure language which became Initiative I-1600.Signatures were gathered and a campaign to educate the public and obtain support from political organizations, elected officials, and candidates ensued.The organization fell short of the 300,000 signatures needed but are continuing efforts to have the bill introduced in the House next session. KL answered many questions from the group.


DL offered his perspective on the healthcare debate.There are two sides to the debate – belief that healthcare is a right or belief that healthcare is a commodity and a mechanism for the transfer and concentration of wealth.DL presented a roadmap by which we can achieve universal coverage in less than ten years:


  • Adopt Medicaid expansion in all states

  • Add a public option to the exchanges

  • Allow people to buy into Medicare at age 55 or earlier in case of a serious health condition

  • Remove the cap on the Medicare tax

  • Obtain critical mass through public acceptance

  • Elect legislators to federal office who will commit to fully fund Medicare and Medicaid and commit to allowing a Medicare buy-in at age 55 or younger

  • Reach out to Indivisible chapters to sponsor initiatives and elect legislators on the state level to bring Medicaid expansion to states who do not have it

  • Advocate for comprehensive coverage and let our legislators know we are behind them



DL reported for Bob Ackervick, the current account balance for 2nd LD is $1,648.47.  Transactions during the month included two membership donations of $75 and an undeposited check for $100 for the upcoming fundraising brunch.


DL explained that, per PDC rules, we need to open a separate bank account for our Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt fundraiser.  Therefore, we need authorization from the organization.


Motion was made, seconded, and carried to authorize a second checking account with Key Bank for the purpose of handling the monetary transactions for fundraising events in accordance with PDC rules.


Motion was made, seconded, and carried to designate check signers on the above account as Bob Akervick, Leeroy Perkins, and Yanah Cook.


Motion was made, seconded, and carried to authorize approval of expenditures for the fundraiser by the combination of two or more board members that are not check signers.  Those board members are Dave Little, Robert Moody, and Jeanne Archie.


Robert Moody (RM) reported that the Committee reviewed Kristin Ang’s application for endorsement for Position 5 Commissioner for the Port of Tacoma.  She received a score of 4.73 out of 5.  The E-Board approved the endorsement and is recommending that the 2nd LD approve this endorsement.  Motion was made, seconded and carried to endorse Kristin Ang for Port of Tacoma Commissioner, Position 5.



Leeroy Perkins (LP) reported the next planning meeting will be held this Saturday at 6:30 at Farellis next to PLU in Tacoma.  Committees are set up and working on individual assignments.  Our biggest priority now is to sell tickets.  Jeanne Archie expressed her thanks to LP and Yanah Cook for all the hard work they have put in to set this fundraiser in motion.



LP reported that we will be setting up our booth tomorrow and invited volunteers to help.  He has received a few tickets for volunteers but not enough to give to everyone.  Therefore, it is recommended that the 2nd LD reimburse booth workers for their entry and parking expenses for the days they work the booth.  Volunteers need to submit receipts for their purchases to get reimbursed.  Motion was made, seconded and carried to reimburse fair booth volunteers for their ticket and parking expenses with submission of valid receipts.



Jeanne Archie reported she is continuing to work with the other LD’s and Indivisible organizations on outreach.  She has met with the Korean Women’s Group regarding voter registration and with Pierce College and Tacoma Indivisible for more youth participation.  Yanah Cook  (in JA’s absence) will attend the NAACP dinner.  JA also meets with Pierce County Democrats.  JA reported she would like to reinstate the book club meetings beginning August 13 at 6:00 p.m. at 208 Garfield, Tacoma.  The book to be discussed will be “Dying of Whiteness”, a look at racism from the white person’s perspective and any member is invited to participate.



One of our visitors who was in attendance to support single payer healthcare, discussed Wolfpack, a PAC with the purpose of overturning Citizens United and getting dark money out of politics.  This would involve a constitutional amendment being approved by two-thirds of Congress and three-fourths of the state legislatures. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary


2nd LD E-Board Meeting

July 23, 2019     6:30 p.m.

Tim Kerfoot’s House, 17530  120th St. SE, Yelm, WA


In attendance:  Dave Little (DL), Chairman

                                Robert (Bob) Moody (RM), Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA), 2nd Vice Chair

                                Yanah Cook (YC), State Committeewoman

                                Leeroy Perkins (LP), State Committeeman

                                Theresa Stauch (TS), Secretary

Absent:                Bob Akervick (BA), Treasurer


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by DL.


Adopt Agenda 

The Agenda was reviewed and changes made to include proposal of adding a board member from the Young Dems and proposal of a potluck barbecue for the 2nd LD Dems.  The Agenda was then approved. 


Approve Minutes

Minutes of the 6/25/19 E-Board meeting were reviewed and approved.  The minutes can now be posted to our website.


Treasurer’s Report

BA sent a written report showing a cash balance of $1,648.47.  This included two new memberships this month.


The Ripple Effect

DL reminded us that the Pierce County LDs are putting on a get-out-the-vote event on Saturday, July 27, from 10:00 – 2:00p.m. at 3049 S. 36th Street, Tacoma.  Local candidates and leaders will be there and Tina Podlodowski will speak.  Canvassing, phone banking, and postcard outreach will conclude the event.


Pierce County Fair

LP reported that we still have shifts to fill for our booth at the fair.  Several of us volunteered to take these unfilled shifts.


South Sound Dems Fundraiser at PLU

LP reported that the 29th LD will contribute $400 toward the down payment on the brunch.  YC reported that the Women’s + Group may help sponsor the event and purchase tickets.  LP reported on the meeting held at PLU in which they discussed layout of the room, breakdown of costs for room rentals and items PLU is providing, and registration setup.  We still need to find a photographer, an auctioneer, and secure liability insurance.  Our goal is to sell 120 tickets – we all need to sell tickets or find table sponsors.  We have ten speakers lined up plus candidates for local elections.  DL is in charge of registration and he reported he has purchased Auctria software for the ticket sales and auction.  He still needs to establish an account with a credit card processing firm.



RM reported that the Committee reviewed Kristin Ang’s application for endorsement for Position 5 Commissioner for the Port of Tacoma.  She received a score of 4.73 out of 5.  The Board moved to approve the endorsement and will recommend to the general meeting that this endorsement be approved.


At Large Board Member

YC suggested that we add a voting member to the Board from the Young Democrats group.  We need youth representation in our group and this could be a way to get their involvement.  The Board agreed and approved a Motion to do so.


Social Event

YC suggested that we have an end of summer barbecue on September 1 as a way to socialize with our fellow LD members.  The group decided this should be a potluck event with the Board providing hamburgers.



JA reported she is meeting with Wendy Moore of the Pierce County Democrats on August 1.


Next meeting is August 20.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary


2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

July 2, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Bethel Learning Center, Elk Plain, WA  98338



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. 



Motion was made and seconded to accept the agenda; the agenda was approved.



Copies of the June 6 meeting minutes were posted on line and available at the sign in desk.  DL requested a motion to accept the previous month minutes.  One correction was required; the spelling of Andrew Barkis name was corrected; Yanah moved to have the minutes approved, the minutes were then approved by voice vote. 


Leeroy Perkins (LP) advised all that there were issues with using the Spanaway HS Library and that we will no longer meet there.  The Bethel District allows us to meet in the Learning Center, at no cost, as long as a school district janitor is on duty.  Most of the Board and attendees were in agreement that the Learning Center was a good place to meet, had adequate facilities and easy parking.  Some Thurston County members were driving 50 minutes to an hour to reach the meeting.  LP will follow up with Bethel District, and Michelle Greko, regarding future meetings and potential locations. 



Chairman David Little welcomed new members and guest speakers.  There were two visiting candidates attending, and one observer each from 28th LD and the Schrier campaign, Nikie Walters and Michael Prince, respectively.  The visiting Candidates were asked to speak next.

Speaker 1:

Mrs. Helen Wheatley, candidate for Thurston County Port Commissioner, Position 1, spoke about her vision and plans for the Port of Olympia. She was recently endorsed by The Progress Caucus; The Sierra Club; Olympia Indivisible; and Thurston County Environmental.Mrs. Wheatley explained her reason for running was to seek to displace an existing Democratic member that is not operating in a progressive manner.The existing office holder has allowed a new fuel dock to be built at the Port in lieu of working to get the existing fuel facility upgraded, or supporting the existing dock.The Port has financial issues, and spending money on new facilities rather than existing exacerbates the issue.Mrs. Wheatley has questioned the Commissioners about export income and if they believe it would remain a consistent income stream – apparently, the incumbent is not aware of the amount of China exports going through the Port and that the exports have decreased by some 46% since the Trump tariffs were in place.The Port has not made a contingency plan for these reduced revenues.The incumbent has also started using vote builder through the State Democratic campaign services, a service that was rescinded by a 76-18 vote last Thursday.David Little indicated that as chair of the 2nd LD he would contact the State leaders and request they immediately rescind these rights as per the vote.Mrs. Wheatley’s major concern at the Port is oversight; there are existing legal actions against the Port with respect to clean water and water quality issues that appear to require greater attention. The Port has no plan for Climate Change, seawater rise issues.Seawater rise by one foot will begin flooding of various Port facilities; and will directly affect storm and sanitary sewer systems.Apparently, the Port has failed in recognizing these threats.There is an ongoing concern with the airport; and lack of Port cooperation with Tumwater regarding the airport.That issue needs attention also.


Speaker 2:

Ms. Kristin Ang, candidate for Port of Tacoma Commissioner, Position 5.Ms. Ang works in International Law and business trade; she understands the connection between jobs and environmental commitment.She believes there needs to be more emphasis on educating the general population as to the workings of the Port; that the Port was established to benefit the population, but has been taken over by those that use if for their own enrichment.She believes working with the native tribes and the community will bring about more beneficial use of the Port facilities for the general population.She is endorsed by the Washington Environmental Voters and the Sierra Club.



Robert Moody reported the following regarding endorsement activities by 2nd LD.

  1. Each candidate will be advised that a face to face interview will be part of the process, unless that candidate is a qualified incumbent.

  2. Each candidate will be notified when 2nd LD Dems receives their completed questionnaire.


DL indicated the endorsement committee had reported they had reached a conclusion that 2nd LD should endorse Mrs. Helen Wheatley’s candidacy and requested a motion to approve that endorsement.  The endorsement was seconded and voice vote taken; 2nd LD approved the endorsement per the committee’s recommendations.



DL read the letter to Representative Denny Heck from the Chair of the 28th LD Dems, Judy Smurga, and his own supporting letter.Both letters criticized the Representative for openly supporting Republican candidates in lieu of qualified Democratic candidates for local positions.One such candidate is in attendance tonight.Heck’s office responded to DL questions regarding the reason for these endorsements; Heck’s office said the reason he supported the Republicans was because these were “non-partisan” positions.However, it was clear qualified Democratic candidates were running and Heck did nothing to support them.Following the reading a motion was requested to approve sending Chair David Little’s letter to Heck’s office; the voice vote approved the motion.



Leeroy Perkins reported he had purchased a ticket, along with 4 or 5 others, to this event scheduled for September at PLU.  LP indicated that additional volunteers were still needed, that a signup sheet would be circulated.  The next organizational meeting is scheduled for July 13th at the Parkland Spanaway Library, 132nd and Pacific Ave.  Please attend and volunteer for one of the several committees needed to complete the plans for the function.  Some of the committee are:

  1. Marketing – Leeroy Perkins chair

  2. Auction:Jeanne & Yanah chair

  3. Program Development – Jeanne & Janie

Yanah Cook (YC) indicated she had met with Dessert Finch and Ms. Finch had agreed to emcee the event.  YC indicated more donations are required so if anyone knows of a massage owner; a bed and breakfast owner; a hair stylist agency or other small business that may donate time or treatments for the event to pass along the name so the committee can work on securing additional auction items.

Jeanne suggested we all commit to locating two items for auction.  LP indicated Rep Kim Schrier had committed to speak at the event.  Michael Prince indicated he would check to ensure Rep. Schrier had the event on her calendar.



LP indicated that several members had signed up for the Fair booth; however, the volunteers were all morning shifts, not enough for the afternoon.  Therefore, the signup sheet is being circulated and LP requests folks help with the afternoon slots.



Jeanne Archie reported she is continuing to work with the other LD’s and Indivisible organizations on outreach.  Also, JA thanked the 2nd LD board for all they do in outreach to other Dem organizations, it really helps.

YC noted that it has been a few years since 2nd LD had a “fun” event and suggested we setup – organize a fun event for 2nd LD members, perhaps a BBQ.  YC is looking for a volunteer to head up this idea.  Phyllis suggested the event could be timed to fit with candidate endorsements.



DL reported for Bob Ackervick, the current account balance for 2nd LD is $1,625.97.  A forthcoming cost for insurance in the amount of $52.50 is yet to be paid, for Pierce County Fair booth.



Yanah Cook read a resolution (demand letter) from 2nd LD to the State MOC’s condemning the current border immigration actions by the Trump Administration - child separations, the unsanitary conditions, wire cages and enclosures - that refugees and immigrants are being forced to endure because of their desire to immigrate to this country or to seek refugee status in the United States.  The multi paragraph letter describes the illegal activities being undertaken, and the deplorable conditions that are un-American, illegal, and non Christian; demanding Congress address the situation immediately, holding all the perpetrators accountable.  The use of the word “concentration” was voted out of the letter in favor of the term “internment” camps.  The letter was approved by voice vote and will be sent to all Washington State MOC’s.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Leo Stauch for Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd LD E-Board Meeting

June 25 2019  6:30PM

Tim Kerfoot’s Home  -  17530 120th SE  Yelm, WA



In attendance:  Dave Little (DL                   Chairman

                                Robert Moody (RM)        Vice Chair

                                Jeanne Archie (JA)           2nd Vice Chair

                                Yanah Cook (YC)               State Committee Person

                                Leeroy Perkins (LP)          State Committee Person

Absent:                Theresa Stauch (TS)         Secretary

                                Bob Akervick (BA)            Treasurer


Side bar discussion initiated by DL prior to formal start of meeting regarding near unanimous vote by Thurston County DEMS NOT TO ENDORSE Joe Downey for Position 1 Port Commissioner and they are asking that he NOT be given campaign services as he’s demonstrated support of republican values and initiatives.  Additionally, it was stated that Joe Downey went around the Thurston County and got votebuilder access.


Adopt Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by DL.  The agenda of the 6/26 meeting was reviewed and changes made to order to allow endorsements to be done earlier as Robert Moody needed to leave early.  The agenda was then approved.


Approve Minutes

Minutes of the May 28, 2019 meeting were reviewed and approved.  The minutes can now be posted onto our website.



RM shared revisions made to the Endorsement Committee document.  He shared we do not currently have a process documented to let candidates know that we have received their questionnaire.  He will make changes to our procedure document to show a process change now in place.

Presented that the E-board has authority to request an Endorsement interview if the Endorsement Committee does not perform one (which is their prerogative based on procedure).  We have one Endorsement in queue and that is  Helen Wheatley, Port of Olympia Commissioner Position 1.  Endorsement Committee recommends Helen for this position and this recommendation now goes forward to the 2nd LD General Meeting for final endorsement approval.


Meeting Times and Locations

REMINDER to check our website for meeting times and locations as they are sometimes subject to changed based on venue availability


Prairie Days – Helen  Wheatley

Helen shared that Prairie Days is this Saturday June 28th and there is a hay wagon people can ride on with Helen.  Meet at the parking lot of Uptown Lounge Theatre.  She’d like to doorbell afterwards.  DL and TF recommended for future events she hone her contact list to “critical few’ of those DEMS who do not regularly vote to maximize her efforts.  July 30th is her “meet and greet” and more information will  be forthcoming.


Heck Issue

Reviewed DL draft response.  Team needs to review the letter he sent to use via email from the 29th that also contains a link to a video that demonstrates/validates the points of angst being made against Denny Heck driving these requests to his office  from  the 29th and 2nd LD’s.  Attempted to call  James Rolph (Denny Hecks Campaign Staff member) to share our concerns as a group, but no answer.  We were 30 minutes past the scheduled call in time.  The team approved DL’s letter with minor changes.  This letter will  be mailed and e-mailed to Denny Heck’s office.


Treasurers Report

No outstanding bills.  Cash balance of $1573.47


Ripple Effect

Great event.  1250 Doors nocked. 1000 phone calls made.  200 post cards sent.  Excellent speakers!


PC Fair

Fair is August 8 – 11 2019, at Frontier Park in Graham.  YC advised we will get our own setup as prior chairs resources are not available.  Need to find out if TS was able to present to Indivisible Puyallup to get some volunteers to man the booth.  E-board approved YC to purchase a new awning for this and future LD2 events.


SouthSound Dems Luncheon Fundraiser

LP advised the next planning meeting will be Saturday June 28th from 11am – 1pm at the Parkland Library on 137th and Pacific.  Once ads are finalized they will be send to all LDs (soon).  Tickets are (1) $50 for the Luncheon and (2) $50 for the reception.  This can be bought separately or as a total experience for $100.


PCO Recruitment

DL said he’s been calling – deferred further discussion to future meeting



JA said she got a lot out of the Ripple Effect speeches that helped motivate her on this cause and get moving!

JA currently attending planning/strategy sessions with Indivisible Tacoma on voter outreach efforts.  Will share more as that plan solidifies.  One key issue is that the state recently rolled out their new voter registration link and it’s great!   Vote.wa.gov   This used to be “MYVOTE”.  Slick system that also gives you lots of good information such as your voting history, who all your government representatives are, etc.  This group will use Googledocs to track locations of voting outreach efforts that we can also access to help avoid overlap.  Each person on this team is also volunteering to be a focal for different locations. Example is the JA is the contact for Pierce College as a starting point.  Lots more to come.


Good of order discussion

DL will follow up with Tina Podlowksi’s request to formally ask that Environmental Issues questions  get on the debate stage.

Three candidates will be present at our next general meeting (1) Helen Wheatley, (2) Kristin Ang and (3) Josh Collins


Tk noted that Thurston County democrats asked to have a permanent representative from LD2 attend their meetings.  DL said that as Chair he had appointed TK to be that person but there seems to have been some confusion about that being in writing or not so DL is going to send another note.


Next meeting July 23rd 2019


Meeting adjourned


Submitted by Jeanne Archie , 2nd Vice Chair and Secretary volunteer for meeting


2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

June 4, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Spanaway Lake High School Library, 1305 168th St E Spanaway, WA  98338


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Dave Little (DL), who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that they introduce themselves.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the agenda; the agenda was approved.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the May 7, 2019 General Meeting; the minutes were approved.



DL introduced Evan Koepfler of the WA State Democrats, regional organizer for our district.  He reported on meetings with the Pierce County leadership team of which DL is a member.  Their focus is to hold more coordinated events around the county to organize democrats and recruit candidates for upcoming elections.  There will be a kickoff event for the whole county – The Ripple Effect – on June 22 at the IBEW Local 76 Hall in Tacoma, which will include a panel of speakers who will talk about the importance of doing this work, a session on phone banking, canvassing and post card writing, and a meet and greet BBQ.  Topics will include how to have conversations with voters regarding the issues – the focus being on the voter.


A Motion was made, seconded and carried to add Gene Hart (GH) to the agenda.  GH reported on his candidacy and campaign for governor, outlining some of the issues he is running on:


  • A more “perfect union”

  • Ample provision for education of all children

  • A state bank

  • Progressive tax system


GH took questions from the group and expanded on his ideas.


DL introduced Joe DiPinto (JD) who is running for re-election for the Yelm City Council.  He first ran in 2015 and he discussed his campaign and vision for the City.  JD answered questions from the group.




Yanah Cook (YC) reported on the Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt Champagne Brunch to be held September 22 at PLU’s Chris Knutsen Hall.  This is a fundraiser event and will include a pre-event reception with U.S. Representatives Denny Heck and Kim Schrier.  Speakers will include elected officials and leaders in the Democratic party.  We will have an organizational meeting on June 15 at Farelli’s on Canyon and 176th.  We still are trying to obtain a co-sponsor of the event.  In addition to prominent speakers, we will have an auction; YC is looking for volunteers for the auction.


YC also reported that the 2nd LD will help staff a booth for the State Dems at the WA State Fair in Puyallup in September.


Leeroy Perkins (LP) reported on the Pierce County Fair booth that the 2nd LD will have in August.  He passed around a signup sheet for staffing the booth.  We will have a button making machine, and will have information in the booth about the 2nd LD, voter registration, the Parks/Roosevelt event, and the caucus/primary change.




DL reported that he attended the Olympia Indivisible meeting and they are asking us to write to our state representatives --  Becker, Wilcox, and Barcus – regarding the resignation of State Senator Guy Palumbo from the legislature to become a lobbyist for Amazon.  We need to change the law to have a “cooling off” period before a former legislator becomes a lobbyist.



Robert Moody reported that the Endorsements Committee has prepared a questionnaire for non-judicial appointments and have one completed form to review for the Port of Olympia position.  They are still working on the judicial questionnaire.



Jeanne Archie (JA) reported on Outreach activities she is involved in.  She has identified the following organizations she will or has contacted:


  • Pierce County Young Democrats

  • Wendy Wright, Pierce County Outreach Coordinator

  • Betty Howse, Black Womens Grojup

  • Sulja Warnick, Korean Women’s Association Founder and Board of Trustees member

  • Pierce College for voter registration efforts

  • Delia Flores, Metro Parks, People’s Community Center Supervisor – voter registration outreach

  • Carrie Little, Pierce County Agriculture Commission and runs Mother Earth Farm

  • Black Caucus Group


JA also reported on a “social Issues” book club that will meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month – all are invited to attend.



In Bob Akervick’s absence, DL reported the current account balance is $1,625.97.  A forthcoming cost for insurance in the amount of $52.50 is yet to be paid, for Pierce County Fair booth. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

May 7, 2019     7:00PM to 9:00PM

Spanaway Lake High School Library, 1305 168th St E Spanaway, WA  98338


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Dave Little, who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that they introduce themselves.  Each attendee identified themselves and their current position.


Motion was made and seconded to accept the agenda; the agenda was approved.


Copies of the previous meeting minutes were passed around so that each attendee had the opportunity to review.  Yanah requested the count of open Pierce county offices be changed to 169 in lieu of the 196 listed.  Corrected minutes approved by voice vote at 7:13.



Chairman Dave Little moved to new members and guest speakers to share with the group a bit of their history and reason for attending.


1)  Debby Vinyard:  Debby is returning to the group; was a former PCO for 02-147, and is picking back up where she left off.  A quick review of the 2nd LD site indicated Debby is still listed as 147 PCO.


2)  Helen Wheatley: Long time democratic activist from Watershed Park, Olympia.  Helen is considering running for Pos 1, Port of Olympia.


3)  Greg Pritchard, PCO 02-143


4)  Kit ??:  Democratic platform chair, Pierce County.  Ask if attendees were using “Civic Pierce County App” – the app provides voting results, LD locations, Offices available, Voters pamphlet, on your mobile device. 


5) Marie Lineman (?):  Marie is representative of Kim Schrier, US House of Representatives.  Rep. Schrier has assigned to the Agricultural, Education, and Labor committees in Congress.  She is the only woman doctor currently serving in the US House.  One goal Rep Schrier has is to lower the cost of insulin.  Rep. Schrier is a diabetic that requires insulin and the drug cost has skyrocketed to hundreds of dollars per pen.  Rep Schrier has introduced a bill to address child abuse; has worked with her colleagues on the Violence against Women bill recently approved by the House.



No report this meeting, Evan not available.



No report this meeting, Gary Hart not in attendance.




Helen Wheatley addressed the meeting; explained her position on several of the Port of Olympia issues.  Helen feels the current incumbent is not voting for the democratic values regarding environmental and climate issues.

Helen has concerns over the use/non-use of the existing airport near Tumwater and feels it can be put to better use, she supports the CAP and indicated they should be allowed to use and perhaps be housed at the existing airport.  Helen is not opposed to expanding the existing facility, saying the expansion is a state issue. 

 Helen is/was member of the 36th platform committee, has been active in the Hanford Cleanup; and was voted the Democrat of the Year, Thurston County, 2018.

Helen is concerned about sea level rise, incurred by climate change, specifically the government lack of response to wastewater and storm drainage systems that can be adversely affected by the rise in sea level.

She is also concerned about the unaddressed issue with the defunct brewery in Tumwater. 




Leeroy Perkins & Yanah Cook addressed the meeting regarding the proposed Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt Champagne Brunch.  Leeroy indicated other LD’s have voiced interest in participating, thus the advertisement would note the activity as a “South Sound Democrats” activity, although no written agreements have been made yet.  The date is set for September 22, starting at 11:00.   


Yanah and Leeroy indicated potential speakers would be Denny Heck and Km Schrier; that Hillary France, Tina Podlodowski, and E. Jones had agreed to speak.


Leeroy and Yanah stressed this is a function that will take volunteers to make it successful, and that they need additional help.  FOLKS NEED TO SIGN UP TO HELP, PLEASE DO SO.



Dave Little announce the Kennedy Dinner (Thurston County Dems) was moved to May 18; 5:00-9:00PM.

Tickets are $75.00pp; available online. Address: 4220 6th Ave SE, Lacey, WA.


David  met Saturday with chairs of other LD’s (26th and 29th) regarding fund raising strategies.  Those interested can get information by contacting David.  Further discussions with these adjoin LD’s regarding the RP/ER Champagne Brunch – sharing resources, etc. is ongoing.


Also, classes for PCO’s were provided by Pierce County Dems earlier.  (No report of attendance.)


New event “Blue Tide Rising” now scheduled for June 22 at the IBEW Hall in Tacoma. (need address).  Speakers are scheduled to start at 10:45 to 11:15.  Then break for phone banking, canvassing, post card writing.  Reconvene at +/- 2:30 for BBQ.  Group is currently working on handout for voters – encourage voting, not specific candidates.


Eatonville City Council has seats 3, 4, & 5 open; persons are encouraged to run, or find a person to run for these seats.  Bob A. indicated he had talked to several persons and found that the 3 current candidates are all “highly” qualified and is continuing to watch the progress in Eatonville.  An idea was posed about capturing the names on the city council meeting signup sheet as a method to identify potential candidates.  The pros and cons of using this method were discussed, as well as potential fallout. 


David Little advised there will be a “meeting of the chairs”, next Tuesday, May 14th, at the IBEW hall at 6:30.


David Little announced the “Grassroots Pledge” (a pledge he has tailored form the similarly named Indivisible pledge).  He asked that persons visit the Sanders website for additional information. This addresses the Washington Post article regarding Bernie Sanders and Internet Research Company.


The pledge asks that each person who witnesses violations of the pledge to confront and ask them to remove the post, or block them from passing along counter democratic posts.




Robert Moody indicated the Endorsement Committee finally met on the 27th, albeit only two of the four members where available.  Notes of the first meeting were made available, and plans for future meetings will be forthcoming because the date for candidate filings is next week.



No report this meeting – 2nd Vice Chair on vacation.



Bob A reported the current account balance is $1,625.97.  A forthcoming cost for insurance in the amount of $52.50 is yet to be paid, for Pierce County Fair booth.  David Little indicated the “burger booth” idea for the fair is in question.



Yanah Cook is searching for members for her committee to begin fund raising activities – everyone please consider helping with this, 2nd LD needs to accumulate additional funds so we can support candidates.


Yanah Cook indicated she has been attending Pierce County Council meetings to familiarize herself with the current issues because she is considering running for one of the seats.


Dave Little would like to receive updates on Pierce County issues to ensure potential candidates can properly address them with their constituents.


Question regarding live streaming of meetings.  Leeroy Perkins indicated this is quite possible and could be done at the next meeting if a sufficient internet source can be located. 



The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd LD Eboard Meeting

Tim Kerfoots House

called to order on April 15th @ 19:15PM


The treasurer, Bob, reported that @ LD2 had $1625.97

Last month’s meeting notes were reviewed by the committee member’s that were present.

A request to have the LD2 meetings live via Facebook was suggested. It would make it easier for other member’s to attend the monthly meeting. It was suggested that LeRoy, who works IT, could possible accomplish this request.

Pierce County meeting is on Saturday @ 09:00am

  This meeting is to talk about raising funds. Also setting up a phone bank, walking area for data collecting and post cards.

On 6/22/19 @ the IBW hall starting @ 10:00am, there will be an all-day meeting to get the candidate’s exposed to the public. If it a BIG enough meeting, make need to designate people as Designated Drivers. It’s important to call and/or contact more than the older voter’s in the district. We need to focus on the younger voter base to encourage participation.

Parameters need to be set for calling DEMO’s for the role of a POC’s. This should be scripted for everyone to use. LD2 is a hard legislative district to campaign throughout, so Vote builder is used. We have been asking people in the LD2 to volunteer because there aren’t many voters available in this district. If there is campaigning in this area use Vote Builder. If individual use VB, they need to ADD “characteristic” to each person. VB indicates, whether a person is a DEMO or a REPUBLICAN by how they voted in a race. We need to reach out to broaden the base in LD2 especially in off years. There are a half a million additional new voters due to the NEW “ADULTS”. This is related to the DMV License roles. It would be great to get in touch with the high school students. It’s important to encourage them to become political involved. To accomplish this goal, we need to make contacts in the local high schools. To ask people to canvas areas like senior living establishments, the VA, businesses to get a better understand what they need and to let them know LD2 is local and wants to help them be successful.

LD2 needs to learn to include and encourage “new” people to join them.


LeRoy and Yanah from LD2 are planning a fund raiser for 9/22/19. (Tentative date)

It is called The Rosa Park and Eleanor Roosevelt Champaign Brunch in Parkland Washington. From 10:30am to 13:30pm.

Phase 1: Plan for a reception with speakers. There is many community activist politicians that would be great to have as speakers like Nina Turner.  

 Phase 2: Brunch starts @ 11:00am; would like this to be an annual event. This event would be in conjunction with the other two legislative districts the 25th and the 29th. It would be a three day event. With Cocktails on Friday and community meeting on Saturday. There would be no time for networking on any days.

It’s important to keep interest in LD2. Perhaps it would help the group to understand the process involved in getting a “Bill” passed in chambers ex: the house and/or senate. Also to learn how to testify at a committee meeting. Perhaps it would be possible to get into a lobbying book as a volunteer. Then it’s possible to get called back to talk before a committee.

Guideline in Pierce County for endorsements: This County can’t do county wide endorsements, just LD’s can endorse.

Next meeting is set for 3rd Tuesday of May, which is 21st of May @ 18:30pm 

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

April 2, 2019

Graham Fire Station, 23014  70th Avenue E


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Dave Little, who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that they introduce themselves.  Motions were duly made, seconded, and carried to approve the Meeting Agenda and Minutes of the March general meeting.


Dave turned the meeting over to Cinnamon Brown to discuss I-1000, an Initiative that has received enough signatures to be on the ballot in November.  This initiative would repeal the ban on Affirmative Action.  Cinnamon reported on a meeting she attended with Senator Steve O’Ban.  Arguments were heard about the inequities that still remain in our employment and education systems.  This initiative is felt to be an approach to update our state’s policies to ensure diversity and equity for all.  Cinnamon stated that if we can pressure our legislators to bring the initiative to a vote in this session, it could be implemented into law now.  Otherwise, the initiative will be on the ballot in November.  We were all encouraged to contact our representatives to ask them to bring the initiative to the floor for a vote now.


Dave next read a statement on respecting diversity, reminding us all that words do matter and that we must be sensitive about how they are received by others. 


A resolution sponsored by the Environmental and Climate Caucus of the WA State Democrats against gas fracking was read.  This resolution calls for opposing federal efforts to roll back regulations on gas production, processing, storage and export; a permanent moratorium on new gas pipelines, processing and storage facilities in Washington; and for our federal representatives to oppose new and expanded gas infrastructure in WA including the Kalama methanol refinery and Tacoma LNG facility.  A Motion was made and seconded to approve supporting the resolution.  There was much discussion and many questions raised and it was decided that we needed to further research this issue before we could come to a decision.  The Motion was tabled until our May meeting.


Yanah Cook reported there are 169 open seats in Pierce County and over 60 in Thurston County.  We need to reach out to everyone we know to find candidates to support for these offices.  Yanah reminded us that the Rise and Run project of the State Democrats is a great resource to assist candidates in running for office.  Dave passed out lists of names of established dems in our district and asked that we call each person on the list and invite them to our meetings.  We need to get more dems involved in electing our party to these local and national posts.


Dave noted that there will be PCO training on April 14 at 1:00 at the Round Table Pizza in Gig Harbor.  On April 28, the Pierce County Democrats will have training on Vote Builder.  If anyone needs access to Vote Builder, contact Bob Ackervick at 253-677-4469 or aker_bob@yahoo.com.


The group spent about 15 minutes writing postcards to the state legislators representing our district – Senator Randi Becker, and Representatives Andrew Barkis and TJ Wilcox.


Yanah and Leeroy reported on fundraising projects.  One idea is to sponsor a Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt Champaign Brunch sometime in September at PLU and invite a recognized speaker.  We might do this jointly with other organizations.  Another idea was to have an ice cream social in July.


Bob Akervich presented the Treasurer’s Report.  We have a balance of $1,625.97.  We have spent $250 for the fair booth, and $46 for our post office box rental for 6 months, and we will be paying $52.50 for insurance for the fair booth.


Robert Moody reported that he and Yanah will meet on Wednesday, April 24 to lay the ground work for the Endorsement Committee.


Leeroy reported that he has contacted the State DOT for the 2nd LD Dems to be involved in the Adopt a Highway Program.  He sent around a sign-up sheet for volunteers to participate in roadside cleanup, up to four times per year.  He will be in contact with the DOT to get assignment of a section of road and a date for the work.  This will give us signage beside the road that says we adopted a highway – more exposure for the organization.


Leeroy updated the group on the presidential primary/caucus issue.  The Wa State Democratic Central Committee will vote on April 7 on whether to adopt a presidential primary system (Hybrid Primary Caucus Plan) or continue with the current caucus system.  Citizens have until April 4 to select their preference.


Announcements for the good of the order included:


  • National Women’s Political Caucus is sponsoring Candidate Training for Women of Color on May 4 in Olympia

  • A rally to pressure AG Barr to release the full Mueller report will be held Thursday, April 4 at various locations

  • Get registered to vote – we should be targeting young voters and people of color; one place to canvass would be colleges


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd Legislative District Democrats

E Board Meeting

March 18, 2019 – 7:00PM

Tim Kerfoot’s residence



David Little (DL), Chairman; Bob Moody (BM), 1st Vice Chair; Jeanneane Archie (JA); Yanah Cook (YC); Bob Akervick, (BA)

Tim Kerfoot (TK); Leo Stauch (LS) for Theresa Stauch


Not in Attendance:  Leeroy Perkins (LP)


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Dave Little (DL).


BM mentioned Cinnamon Brown issue; apparently this is unresolved.  DL asked to defer that discussion to later in meeting.


DL requested approval of meeting agenda – BM second – agenda approved.

DL requested approval of past meeting minutes (minutes posted on website) – motion second – minutes approved.


Cinnamon Brown Issue

YC indicated Cinnamon Brown has never received an apology, written or verbal, from Bill Harrington, for his months old remarks made to her.  YC said she had talked to Harrington recently, stressed he needed to apologize; and Harrington said “he would think about it”.  BM said he had emailed LP about the issue and he had discussed the issue with Harrington, as did LP, but neither could get him to commit to apologizing.  General discussion with all resulted in Board agreeing to formulate a letter demanding Harrington provide a written apology or he would no longer be welcome to 2nd LD meetings.  [ACTION ITEM] - DL said he would start the letter immediately, all board members to review and sign.


By Laws

BA did not have a report ready on the Bylaws revisions – [ACTION ITEM] BA will resurrect and email to all members.  BA noted the following changes/revisions have been made: 

  1. Added updates to membership

  2. Deleted references to State Laws


Pierce County Chairs

DL said meeting is scheduled for Thursday at BA home to review Vote Builder.  Evan Koepfler will be present to direct/educate attendees on its operation & benefits.


Pierce County Fair

DL provided a handout describing “Fundraising” and noted the following information regarding some of the parameters of fundraising.

  • Expense to fundraise should not exceed 20% of the total income.

  • 2nd LD has maintained positive $ in treasury for candidates.

  • Each chair should be planning some sort of fundraising event.

  • Suggested combining/partnering with other LD’s for these events.

  • Currently LD main source of income is from memberships.



DL provided the following Information on Pierce County Fair – Burger Booth:

  • Fair Manager somewhat cold to idea of 3rd burger booth – 2nd LD needs some other ideas.

  • [ACTION ITEM] BA suggested providing a list of potential food ideas (potatoes or floats) to Fair Manager for her input.

  • DL/BM concerned about having proper staff (health certificates) would be available.

  • Apparently LP not onboard with being PM for Pierce County Fair efforts.YC offered to volunteer for this – co-chair the effort.

  • YC suggested painted rocks as fundraiser.

  • DL working on Fair contracts with Neil (?).

  • Burger booth cost = $250, plus 15% of sales to Fair.

  • BA said application deadline to get the space you want is March 31, including sales ideas.

  • What will fair provide as incentives for volunteers to man booth? Parking? Admission?


Treasurer’s Report


Current Balance: $875.97

Coming Expenses:  $250.00 for Fair booth; $52.50 for Fair insurance; (if booth over 20 feet, additional charge applies). After May 1, Booth $275.00

BA spent $46.00 to renew PO Box for 6 months; reimbursed himself $32.95 for the Quicken software.

DL said he would update 2nd LD membership list [ACTIION ITEM]


PCO Recruitment

YC has a question regarding approval of the Whitten PCO application.  He applied; apparently no one contacted him – [ACTION ITEM] - need to follow up with Whitten.  JA asked if membership aware of the vacancies; list of vacancies posted online.  General discussion followed regarding locating and filling outstanding PCO positions.



YC noted the following ideas for fundraising:

  • Champagne Brunch with speakers, i.e. Tina Podlodowski, and/or Kim Schrier.

  • Combine effort with allies - Indivisible or Revolution groups.

  • Summer function – Bird Lady or Ice Cream sales.

  • Tees, Buttons, Hats

  • Spaghetti dinner with committee meeting.

  • [ACTION ITEMS] Find venues for these activities.  DL provided website for locating local venues.

  • JA offered to assist in locating venues.


Town Hall Meeting, Yelm


Saturday, March 23, 10:00AM to noon a town hall is scheduled to hear Senator Randi Becker and Representatives JT Wilcox and Andrew Barkis.  YC, DL requesting everyone in room attends; invite your friends so there is a blue contingent in the room.   YC will have questions on 3 x 5 cards.  TK said he had heard the town hall was a canned event; perhaps no questions from the audience would be used.  Do they have a moderator?  In the event of open questioning, YC will make “Yes”, “Not Acceptable” signs for group.

State Meeting Pasco

YC now on the Elections Committee.DL said State needs to resolve the Primary/Hybrid and Caucus discussion.Group discussed pros and cons, understanding of both systems.Everyone reminded to vote on the Washington Dems site.To date the votes for Primary Hybrid are leading the Caucus method.


BM reported the committee on endorsements had yet to meet due to YC being ill; but now that she was back in the game, we would get to the business of process and reporting on endorsements.

  • There are 3 members on the committee

  • [ACTION ITEM]Committee should have something by end of March.

  • We have an issue locating potential candidates to fill open or vacant positions.

  • Need to refine procedures on selections.

Need to define which seats are “Open” and which are occupied, up for election.


General Note:

All agreed 3rd Monday of the month will be the E Board meeting date.




The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Leo Stauch, Stand-in for Secretary Theresa Stauch.

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

March 5, 2019

Spanaway Lake High School Library


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Dave Little, who led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Chairman Little noted that the Agenda would be changed to move the guest speakers to the top of the order and the Agenda was then approved.  Chairman Little welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that they introduce themselves.


Chairman Little introduced Evan Koepfler of the Washington State Democrats (WSD) who is the regional organizer for our area.  He spoke on “Building the Organization” and the “Rise and Run” project –  a focus to fill local positions including non-partisan positions in 2019 with strong democratic candidates and build a diverse, representative Democratic bench. The WSD will provide access to training, expert support, and options for accessing voter data for candidates around the state.


One of the goals of the Rise and Run project is for the WSD to have a partnership with the regional LD organizations, to know the political climate of our areas and know people who may want to run.  Evan will meet with our leadership monthly to share best practices.  We also need to recruit more PCOs and expand our LD membership.  Evan also explained that there are opportunities for volunteer work in the Rise and Run project such as canvassing.


Chairman Little next introduced Kali Summers, one of Kim Schrier’s staff members.  Kali updated us on Dr. Schrier’s first two months in office.  She has been assigned to the Ag Committee and Education and Labor Committee.  She has sponsored and helped pass several house bills which Kali elaborated on.  When asked about her schedule of town hall meetings, Kali said that we could find that information on Dr. Schrier’s web page.  Kali also noted that she will work with us to set up coffee meetings.


The following were nominated and duly elected by the voting membership of the 2nd Legislative District Democrats:


First Vice Chair                  Robert Moody

Second Vice Chair             Jeanneane Archie

Secretary                             Theresa Stauch


Veronica Whitcher from Thurston County Dems reported that they have been working on their bylaws and announced they will be sponsoring “Woman Power in Politics” this Saturday, the 9th, at Huber’s Gasthaus in Olympia.  She left information for the group.


Kathy Orlando reported on Pierce County Dems’ activities:  reviewing their bylaws, community development, and organizing PCO training.


The group spent about 15 minutes writing postcards to the state legislators representing our district – Senator Randi Becker, and Representatives Andrew Barkis and TJ Wilcox – to ask that they vote to move certain bills out of committee related to healthcare, environment, voting rights, and immigration.  Chairman Little also announced that another postcard writing event will be held March 28 at the Lacey Library from 3-5 p.m.

Bob Akervich presented the Treasurer’s Report.  We have a balance of $1,921.97.  We received $100 in membership fees and donations and spent $302.96 for a computer and software for our Assistant Treasurer.  Bob discussed the idea of having a booth at the Pierce County Fair August 8-11.  The cost is $250 for the booth and we must carry a $2 million liability policy on the booth.  Last year the cost for the policy was $52.  It was moved, seconded, and carried that we authorize Bob to go ahead and register for the booth and secure the insurance policy (up to $75 authorized).


Leeroy Perkins reported that the Washington State Democrats are sponsoring the 33rd annual Eastside Democratic Dinner on Saturday, May 18, at the Snoqualmie Casino.  Special guests include Congresswomen Kim Schrier, Suzan DelBene, State Attorney General Bob Fergueson and others.  Four legislative districts will share in the proceeds from ticket sales.


Leeroy next reported that the Washington State Democratic Central Committee will vote on April 7 on whether to adopt a presidential primary system (Hybrid Primary Caucus Plan) or continue with the current caucus system (Full Caucus Cycle Plan).  There is currently a 30-day comment period in which to provide feedback to the Committee. 


Leeroy introduced Cassandra Brown to explain the improved Full Caucus Cycle Plan.  The caucus uses local meetings where participants gather to discuss the candidates and determine how many delegates presidential candidates would receive.  The improved plan will allow every voter to establish an account on the caucus website which will give you information about the time and place of your caucus.  You can attend the caucus in person or not attend and actually cast your vote on-line.  The biggest concerns with on-line voting are security and the inability of voters to interact with others to hear pros and cons of each candidate.


Leeroy then explained the Hybrid Primary Caucus Plan.  The primary would use a state-run election with a ballot to determine how many delegates presidential candidates would receive.  There would still be caucuses (10 in the state) to determine who the delegates will be that will represent WA voters at the conventions.  The primary date is moved up to March.  This plan is perceived to be more inclusive – more voters would cast a ballot than would attend a caucus to vote.  The cost of the caucuses is paid by the LD and the state would pay for the hybrid plan. 


Robert Moody announced that, due to illness and snow days, there was no Endorsement Committee meeting this month.


Announcements for the good of the order included:


  • Water Lobby Day on March 19 at 10:30 at the Coach House in Olympia.Nick Manning from the Center for Environmental Law Policy will be the speaker.Meetings with State Senator Becker and Congressman Wilcox will be available from 3:00 – 4:30.

  • Leeroy brought forth an idea to increase our visibility in the community by sponsoring an “Adopt a Highway Program” sign.

  • Governor Inslee’s interview with Rachel Maddow was impressive and you can find it on You Tube.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Theresa Stauch, Secretary

2nd Legislative District Democrats

Executive Board Meeting

February 18th, 2019

Dr. Dave Little’s house, Olympia

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Chair Dave Little.  Board members present included Dave, Robert, Bob, Yanah and Leeroy. 

The Agenda was approved. No copy of the January meeting was available for approval.

Leeroy reported Spanaway High School Library is confirmed for LD meetings on March 5th, May 7th & June 4th. Will reach out to Graham Fire to set up April 2nd meeting

March LD meeting we will hold elections for 1st Vice chair, 2nd Vice Chair & Secretary. Bob has colored paper for ballots.

Bob Akervick gave the Treasurer’s Report.  The current balance is $2110.97

Bob reported on Treasurer Backup Project. Proposed we buy a laptop computer and Quicken software for up to $240. Motion & 2nd to acquire. Passed.

Pierce County Fair discussion. They must receive our application by March 30. Possible scenarios include Tent only, Tent with rock painting, TCD Burger Booth only or with tent. Will need adequate volunteers to populate any of these scenarios.

Discussion about moving Eboard meetings back to Tuesday.

Dave spoke about the Legislative Lobby Days and his interaction with Indivisible Olympia. He talked with Sam Hunt (22nd LD) at length and spoke with Andrew Barkis staff. Barkis was unavailable so Dave will go back and talk with him. Yanah will be in Olympia next week to support Planned Parenthood. Leeroy will be in Olympia on the 28th to support SEIU

Yanah spoke about Planned Parenthood letter writing classes on Feb 21st & 28th at the Lacey Library 2 to 4 PM and.2:30 to 4:30 PM.. She is also meeting with Evan Koepler to discuss strategy about recruiting PCO’s. We need to assemble lists gleamed from Votebuilder Activity settings

Discussion about possible fundraiser ideas. Leeroy thought a Breakfast would be good. He is investigating venues & speakers. This would be planned for perhaps May ? Yanah reminded us about our successful Spaghetti Feed last year and that it could be put together sooner. Target date of Sat. April 27th. Board will hold a planning meeting at Bob’s house at 6 PM on Tues Feb 26th.

Robert announced the 1st Endorsement Committee meeting will be held Wed Feb 27th at his house.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

2nd Legislative District Democrats

Executive Board Meeting

January 21st, 2019

Mr. Doug’s Restaurant, Yelm

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 by Chair Dave Little.  Board members present included Dave, Robert, Bob, Yanah and Gary.  Guests included Bill Harrington and Debra Hartmann.

The Agenda and Minutes were approved.

Bob Akervick gave the Treasurer’s Report.  The current balance is $2124.93.

 Dave stated that there would be some income for the 2nd LD from the Burger Booth, with the amount still to be determined.

There was a question about the location of the February General Meeting.  This meeting will be held on  February 5th at the Spanaway Lake High School Library.

Vice Chair Cinnamon Brown has resigned. Possible candidates for her replacement include Robert Moody and Jeanne Archie. This position must be voted upon by PCO's. Between the Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair, at least one must be of a different gender than the Chair.

Secretary Gary Hartmann will be moving to the 29th LD in late February.  There were no suggested candidates for his replacement.  All members are eligible to vote for this position.

Dave spoke about increasing member participation at meetings by having members sign up for one of the five subcommittees.  These subcommittees would have short meetings at the February and March General Meetings.  Robert noted that the Endorsement Committee meeting scheduled for January 25th has been cancelled.

Dave gave an update on the web hosting situation.  The web host we had been using is no longer available.  Leeroy found a new web host and rebuilt the 2nd LD website.  It was voted upon and approved to reimburse Leeroy for his expenses.

Dave and Yanah spoke about the Legislative Action Committee and how it could bring our concerns to the legislature. Dave spoke about how we could learn from Indivisible.

Yanah gave some suggestions for future town hall meetings.  She mentioned Grange Halls, libraries and senior centers as some possible locations.

Yanah spoke about open seats in 2019 and 2020.  She estimated 169 in Pierce County and 65 in Thurston County.  It is not clear how many of these are in the 2nd LD.

The Statewide Reorganization is January 26-27.  Dave and Leeroy are unable to be there.  Robert will represent Dave at the Chairs Organization meeting.  Yanah will carry Leeroy's proxy at the State Committee Meeting.

Dave called for announcements for the Good of the Order.

Bill spoke about the primary vs caucus debate. SB 5273 aims to replace the caucuses with a primary.

Yanah is considering becoming a lobbyist for the next LD. She discussed various bills currently being considered by the legislature.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

2nd Legislative District Democrats

General Meeting

January 2nd 2019

Graham Fire and Rescue, Station 94

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chair Dave Little, who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The agenda was approved.

The minutes from November and December 2018 were approved.

All present were asked to give a one minute statement to introduce themselves to the group.

The main speaker was Tom Seigel, Superintendent of the Bethel School District. Tom spoke about the importance of passing the Bethel School District bond measure in February 2019.  The bond is necessary in order to build new schools and to modernize others. The bond measure is actually expected to reduce taxes due to the implementation of increased energy efficiency and other cost saving ideas.  The bond measure is being promoted through billboards, mailers and letters sent home with students.

If the bond measure fails, the alternatives would be year round schools or having students attend school  in shifts, such as 8am-2pm and 2pm-8pm. Neither would be popular with parents. There would also be the added costs associated with the increased usage of school facilities.

Cinnamon Brown announced her candidacy for Bethel School Board, Position 4. This position was formerly held by Amy Pivetta, who has moved out of the school district.

Dave Little discussed the proposed committees. The proposed committees, in order of importance are Communications, Legislative Action, Events and Fundraising, Endorsement, and Bylaws and Convention.

Communications Committee will have make sure that we use the most accurate and effective ways of communicating with our members and outside organizations.  The communication committee will open the channels for interacting with labor, schools, Indivisible, minorities  and current elected officials.  May suggest speakers for meetings

Legislative Action Committee:  Will develop channels of communication and awareness of progress on legislative issues.  We have Republican legislators and they should hear our detailed views on legislation we want them to support or oppose.

Events and Fundraising Committee  should plan events in coordination with adjacent LDs and county organizations when possible.  Coordinating with the Burger Booth should also be considered.    A budget should be formulated based on actual and projected income.  Planning for PCO/votebuilder training will be planned by this committee.

Endorsement Committee will develop best practices for evaluating candidates and initiatives. Conditional endorsements  are in the realm of this committee.  It will be the realm of this committee to know about open elected positions and possible candidates.

 Bylaws and Convention committee will tend to our bylaws as a living document.  This committee will familiarize itself with.  Robert’s rules.  It’s responsibilities will include preparation for caucusing and conventions.   This committee will meet as needed. Proposed Bylaw changes will be voted upon in February.

As Bob Akervick was unable to attend tonight’s meeting, Leeroy Perkins gave the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $1674.93.  Robert Moody has been acting as Assistant Treasurer, to perform some of Bob’s duties when Bob is not available. Robert described the dues structure, and stated that no one would be turned away because they could not afford to pay dues.

Vice Chair Cinnamon Brown spoke about her role as the Pierce County Affirmative Action Chair.  She described a racist incident that she experienced at the Tacoma Elks Club restaurant. Cinnamon is working with a group known as the Black Collective to help counter such cases of racism.

Leeroy Perkins gave the State Committee report.  Leeroy and Yanah Cook will be attending the State Reorganization meeting January 27-28 in Olympia. 

Leeroy announced the winners of the Blue Wave Challenge: First place Kim Steiner, Second place Jeniphr Grant, and Third place Yanah Cook.

Leeroy also spoke about his and Yanah's outreach goals; to reach out to residents of the 2nd LD by visiting such places as senior centers, union halls, city and county council meeting  and veteran’s groups, among others, and listen for what the 2nd LD can do to help further their issues and help them have their voices heard.

Second Vice Chair Robert Moody announced that the Endorsement Committee would be meeting at his house on Friday January 25th.

At this time, Dave called for announcements for the Good of the Order.

Sandra Manwiller stated that the Yelm School District was also having a bond measure on the ballot in February.  She circulated a flyer detailing the facility changes that would be funded by this bond measure.

Gene Hart spoke about his campaign for Governor of Washington.  

Debra Hartmann spoke about the importance of PCO’S to attend LD and county meetings and receive proper training.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.

2nd Legislative District Democrats

Executive Board Meeting

December 17th,2018

Notes Café, 401 Garfield St, Parkland

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by Chair Dave Little. All seven board members were in attendance, plus one guest: 2nd LD Pierce County Representative Jeanne Archie.

The agenda was approved as amended.

The minutes of the November Executive Board Meeting were approved.

Bob Akervick gave the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $1,740.83.

The January general meeting date has been changed to Wednesday January 2nd, as the first Tuesday of January is New Years Day.  The location will be Graham Fire and Rescue,  23014 70th Ave. S., Graham.

The general meetings for February March, May and June 2019 will be at Spanaway Lake High School, in the library.  The school library is not available for the April 2019 meeting, so another location will have to be arranged.

Bob spoke about the Bylaws.  Bob had handed out summaries of proposed changes at the Reorganization Meeting, to be reviewed and voted upon at the January meeting.

Dave spoke about his program to increase participation at our monthly general meetings. He would like to have four standing committees: Bylaws, Communication, Endorsements and Events.  Yanah proposed a fifth committee: Legislative Action. Please see the document “Vision Statement by Dave Little” (attached) for details about the first four committees.

There was some it discussion regarding the Endorsements Committee. Robert felt that it was in the scope of this committee to recommend conditional endorsements, dependent on a candidate's performance, as a way to introduce some accountability.  Such an endorsement would require that a candidate maintain regular communication with the LD and provide periodic reports, before being granted a full endorsement.

Dave, Bob and Cinnamon discussed the subject of member retention,  ways to draw people into our organization and keep them interested.  Cinnamon gave examples from her group, the Black Collective.  Dave spoke about how we could learn from the work of Indivisible. Yanah thought it would be good to introduce new people at meetings.  Leeroy spoke about prioritizing the committees. He felt the order of importance should be: Communication, Events, Bylaws, Endorsements.

Cinnamon stated that the Book Club would resume meeting  January 17th. The book to be discussed is “What Truth Sounds Like”, by Michael Eric Dyson. 

Cinnamon met with the Principal of Graham Kapowsin HS to discuss racial profiling at the school. She would like to hold a voter registration drive there during lunchtime January 9-11, and also during home basketball games. Participants will be required to have background checks.

Cinnamon is considering running for Bethel School Board, Position 4, to replace Amy Pivetta, who has moved out of the school district. Cinnamon has obtained multiple endorsements and would appreciate our support should she file to run for the November Election.

Cinnamon will be speaking with the new Pierce County Democrats Chair, Kathy Orlando, regarding community outreach.

Yanah spoke about PCO recruitment and training. She has Certificates and will be making up packets to include maps, contact lists and PCO handbooks.

Yanah spoke about open offices. There were 210 in Pierce County and 78 in Thurston County in 2018.  The official 2019-2020  lists will be published in January. We need to recruit Democrats to run for office.

Yanah asked for fundraising ideas.  Suggestions included a chili contest and a bingo night.  We will be operating the Burger Booth at the Women’s March in Olympia, from 9am-2pm on Saturday January 19th.

Robert announced that the Endorsements Committee would be meeting on February 1st. [This was later changed to January 25th].  Robert will be working with Yanah regarding open positions.  Preliminary work to be done includes setting up questionnaires, for judicial and non-judicial positions, and establishing a conditional endorsement process. Dave discussed the Thurston County endorsement protocols.

Leeroy announced the winners of the Blue Wave Challenge: Third place: Yanah Cook; second place: Jeniphr Grant; first place: Kim Steiner.

Leeroy discussed the Bethel School Bond issue.  The measure narrowly failed in November.  There will be a repeat attempt in February. Yanah discussed the difficulty posed by the 60% Supermajority Rule.

The Washington State Democrats Reorganization meeting will be held January 25-26 in Olympia.  While Dave will be out of town, Cinnamon, Yanah and Leeroy are planning on attending this meeting.

Dave discussed Represent.Us, a national organization dedicated to clean elections. Their areas of concern include such topics as early voting, voter suppression, campaign finance reform, the lobbyist revolving door and gerrymandering.

Dave discussed the Local Option, in which local elections can be conducted differently than statewide elections.  For example, the top two rule need not be applied in certain local jurisdictions.

Dave called for announcements for the Good of the Order. 

Cinnamon discussed the matter of meeting notices.  Leeroy proposed that future meetings be announced on Facebook and by an email blast.

Bob and Leeroy spoke about the 2020 census and subsequent redistricting.  The Pierce County Auditor already has links on their website for census employment opportunities.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Paid for by the 2nd Legislative District Democrats of Washington State
PO Box 181, Eatonville, WA 98328, (253) 209-2239
Chair Dave Little, http://wa2ndlddems.org/
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee