2nd LD Judicial/Prosecutorial Questionnaire


Dear Candidate,

This questionnaire from the 2nd legislative District Democrats is for the consideration of endorsement of judicial and/or prosecutorial positions.  If you are interested in being considered for the 2nd LD endorsement, please complete the following questionnaire.


Thank you for participation in the endorsement process. 


Candidate Name:


Campaign Committee point of contact: (Person or webpage/email)

Position Sought:




  1. Please describe your background, experiences, and public service record.


  1. Have you ever been a mediator or arbitrator?


  1. What are the most important qualifications for this position?


  1. What are the most significant challenges associated with the office you are seeking?


  1. What are your priorities for the office and how do you propose to accomplish them?

  2. Please describe your community volunteer experience.


  1. What type of pro-bono work have you done and why?What was the outcome?


  1. What is your campaign plan?


  1. What support does your campaign have?


  1. Please provide any additional comments.


Direct this document to committee chairman Robert Moody at rmoo@aol.com, (Cell 253 312 0483)   You will be informed by email when the questionnaire has been received.


    2nd Legislative District Democrats Non-Judicial Endorsement Questionnaire




Position sought:




Candidate qualities and conduct:  The 2nd LD Democrats endorses and supports qualified Democrats seeking elected office whether elected on a partisan or nonpartisan basis.  When deciding whether to recommend endorsement, the committee may consider the candidate’s dedication to Democratic Party values and principles, the viability of the campaign, and the candidate’s qualifications for office.  When determining whether a candidate demonstrates Democratic Party values, the committee may consider any facts and circumstances, including the candidate’s Democratic Party activity, community activities, reputation among Democrats, and statements supporting the Democratic Party and fellow Democrats.


Endorsed candidates are encouraged to distinguish themselves from any Democratic opponents in an objectively fair, informational, and non-confrontational fashion. By submitting this endorsement questionnaire, I publicly affirm Democratic Party values and commit to abide by these principles of conduct.  I also understand and agree that the 2nd LD may withdraw any endorsement if it determines that I failed to do so or that I acted in conflict with the answers provided during the screening process.


Please do not change or delete questions.  Instead, respond N/A (not applicable) to questions that aren’t relevant to position sought.  As this form is a Word document, you can use more or less space to answer each question-choose wisely.


Submit this form to endorsement committee chairman Robert Moody at rmoo@aol.com.  Your may also print and send in the doc. To Mr Moody at PO box 906 Graham Wa. 98338.  (253 312 0483) Thank you for participating in the endorsement process.



  1. What are your qualifications for seeking elected office generally and this office in particular?


  1. What are your reasons for seeking this office, why do you want this job?


  1. What are the most important issues for the jurisdiction you would represent or for the elected body/office you seek?


  1. What are your campaign’s most important themes, issues, or priorities (three to five)?


  1. When elected, how would you make yourself accessible to constituents, the public, and party members and how would you obtain their input-on issues and decision?


  1. Why should the 2nd LD support you for this position, and how have you demonstrated Democratic values?


  1. Please list any key endorsements.


  1. What is your overall campaign budget?


  1. How many votes do you need to win this election?


IF ELECTED TO THIS POSITION (some questions may not be applicable)


  1. What are the barriers to economic development which this jurisdiction faces ad how would you address them?


  1. How does this position obtain information needed concerning issues you will be voting on and how will you ensure that such information is complete and unbiased?


  1. What are the transportation/transit challenges which face this jurisdiction and how would you address them?


  1. What would you do within the scope of this office to address any social justice issues?


  1. How does your jurisdiction handle collective bargaining and labor relations and would you propose changes?


  1. What are our jurisdiction’s environmental issues, which ones are urgent, and what will you do to address them?


  1. How do you plan to approach fiscal and budget issues?


  1. What will you do to address income inequality?


  1. Does your district have a taxing authority or propose levies and what changes, if any, would you seek?


  1. What will you do to address any safety, law, or justice issues?


  1. How will you address the full spectrum of ideals within the big tent of the Democratic Party during your campaign ad term in office?


  1. If you could recommend one book, TedTalk or other source to someone which reflects your values or from which you get guidance, what would you suggest?




  1. How would you address school funding issues?


  1. What would be your policy on student and teacher assessments?


  1. What would you do to address student achievement or graduation issues?


  1. How would you make the quality of education more equitable for all students?


Finally, any additional comments you would like to share with the committee?