Everything you love is at risk!
Your Health Care - Medicare - Social Security
Reproductive Freedom - Clean Air - Clean Water
Living Family Wage Jobs - Income Equality
#1 Local issue - Homelessness
Your Voting Rights - Your Online Access
The 1st Amendment - Freedom of the Press
National Parks & Monuments
Join us to Flip the 2nd Blue and Fight Back !

LD2 Executive Board


Chair - Dave Little - - 360-791-5024

1st Vice Chair - Robert Moody - - 253-312-0483

2nd Vice Chair - Jeanne Archie - - 253-328-1826

Treasurer - Bob Akervick - - 253-677-4469

Secretary - Theresa Stauch - - 253-375-6443

State Committewoman - Yanah G. Cook - - 360-786-8838

State Committeeman - Leeroy Perkins - - 253-209-2239

Past Chairs

Pat Roberts-Dempsey -

Phyllis Farrell -

Jeniphr Grant -

Melissa Cambra -


Volunteers Needed​



*Phone Banking


*Postcards to voters

*GOTV-Register to Vote booths

*Host a Yard Sign

*Sign waving

*Candidate Recruitment


*And more

Got a talent or passion you want to share??  Tell us about it! 

Send us an email below. 



We want to hear from YOU!

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Please consider joining or donating to the 2nd LD Democrats. Funds are needed for direct mailings, yard signs, social media targeted ads and upkeep. The GOP has deep pockets but not as many energized supporters. We will accept ANY amount.

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