Please consider signing up for the Racial & Equity Training for us all, facilitated by the Washington State Progressive Caucus.


When: Sun Oct 4 through Oct 25, 2020

Cost: $21 donation requested*

Instructor: Erin Jones


The Washington State Progressive Caucus is so very excited to be offering a 21 day Racial and Equity challenge for our members, their guests and the larger Democrats family.

We in Washington State are so fortunate to have the incredible Erin Jones working for our children and for our future. Recognized as a leader in racial and equity education, Erin will guide us through a journey of story, race, identity and how to be more effective allies, and leaders within our own families and communities.

Here’s how it will work:

Beginning Sunday October 4th, we will meet at 2pm for an onboarding discussion with Erin.

For the following 21 days, you will complete assignments and exercises (15 minutes per day), on your own schedule, meeting weekly on Sundays with the instructor and co-attendees for follow-up conversations as a community.

The Zoom meeting dates are as follows:

October 4th at 2pm

October 11th at 2pm

October 18th at Noon **

October 25th at 2pm.

All meetings will last approximately 2 hours.

In addition, we will have a private Facebook group for us to dialogue and work together throughout the process.

We’re incredibly excited to provide this education and opportunity for self-exploration and we’re committed to the ongoing process of increasing equity for all.

Part of Black Lives Mattering is paying Black people for their work. And think about it this way – we wouldn’t even be doing equity training if we hadn’t robbed People of Color of their labor and intellect for 400 years.

*People value what they pay for and so, we are asking you to buy in. Our request is for a minimum donation of $21 for all 21 days. If you can pay more and help provide more opportunities for members of our community, then we hope you will generously do so. If you cannot afford $21, scholarships are available.

We know that racism exists in our country and in our communities and we want to move toward a safer, fairer and more equitable society for all. This is one way to move in that direction and we would be honored if you would join us on this journey.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Cedar S. Kennedy,


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